C2C Connected 2 Calvary Vol 3 CD Sampler

The Independent Showcase Connected 2 Calvary CD sampler features the latest tracks from some of the best
independent artists. Produced by Fred Stewart of Divine Music Productions and hosted by "Wanda P" Patterson,
the album blends all gospel music genres–traditional, contemporary, praise and worship, urban and more. There
is something for every lover of gospel and Christian music on the compilation, including spoken word performances.

Connected 2 Calvary Vol 3

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Produced By: Fred Stewart © 2011-2015 Divine Music Productions

Connected 2 Calvary

Connected 2 Calvary Vol 4

Jermaine Morgan
Eric Birdine & The Messengers
His Sound Ministries Featuring Brenda Ellis
Rae Ellis
Jay Bratten
Cortney Richardson
The Messenger
J Harris and SOW
Arnetta Murrill-Crooms
Terence Clayton
Anointed By God Featuring Lisa Knowles
Johnny Sizemore & One Accord

Connected 2 Calvary

C2C Connected 2 Calvary Vol 3 CD Sampler

Darnell Davis & The Remnant
James Murphy
Joel Buckner
J Newry
The Singletons Family
Gavin Davis
Ms Ty Scott
Brittney Wright
Jamar Esaw and Triad:4 Christ
Kyla Jade
Titus Glenn
Eunice Wright
Maranda Curtis
Kevin Terry & Predestined

Connected 2 Calvary

Doobie Powell
Kevin Terry & Predestined
Derrick Wright & Driven
Dwayne "DW" Wright
The Bishop's Choir
Ms Ty Scott
Redman Caldwell
Denise Powell
Jason Hendrickson
Desiree Coleman Jackson
Jay White
Eunice Wright

Ms Ty Scott
Adrian B. King
Michele Mundy
Jay White
Eunice Wright
J. Santana
J La Trina
Gavin Davis
Tim Godfrey & D Xtreme Crew(Nigeria)
BNG (UK/Nigeria)
Kenneth Mosley
Brandon Avery Smith
Jevon D. Brock & Restoration
Jermaine Taylor

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Produced By: Fred Stewart © 2011 Divine Music Productions

3D Brothers
Karen Poole
Redman Caldwell
Cory Henry
Kurtis Parks
Dwayne "DW" Wright
Jay White
James "Kelly Fox" Davis

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