Take Off the Limits

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
– Phillipians 4:13

Remember to Forget

By Farris Long

There is a small city on the outskirts of Jacksonville, called Callahan, FL. It is approximately 30-45 minutes from downtown, and I had to go there to take the blank t-shirts to be printed for my teamipray.com t-shirt line. I knew that one of my tires was worn and desperately needed to be replaced. But like a typical man, I decided to make ONE LAST TREK on that tire. The short 30 minute ride seemed like an eternity as a made my way up the road. My car, which would normally be fairly quiet, was extremely noisy that day- and the vibration of the steering wheel if I did anything above 50 miles per hour was annoying to say the least. By the grace of God I made it there and back home safely.

The next day, I couldn’t bear how uncomfortable it was to drive the car any more (not to mention the safety hazard). I took the car and got the tire changed. It drove almost like a brand new car. The ride was smooth and quiet and enjoyable again. Later that day, I had to make the journey back to Callahan to pick up the shirts I had left the day before. For some odd reason, when I reached a certain part of the trip, I began to drive my car like I had the day before. Even though the car was handling 50 mph with ease this time, my still hands gripped the wheel tight as they had the day before. Although the speed limit allowed for 60 mph I kept it around 50 because that was a comfortable speed for my less than perfect ride the previous day.

It wasn’t long before I found myself questioning why I was behaving like this. In an instant, it was like a light went off in my head. I had subconsciously brought yesterday’s struggle into today’s journey. Then, in a voice that seemed almost audible, I heard Him whisper “Remember to forget.” We go into relationships, both amorous and otherwise, guarded and insecure because of pain inflicted by people from our past. I have seen people who have recovered from various illnesses walk around paralyzed with fear that the sickness would soon be back to haunt them. Victims of abuse often instinctively flinch at the sight of someone’s hand coming toward them, even when there is no malevolent intent at all. Memories of a violated trust sometimes unexpectedly surface in husbands and wives, although the offense happened years before.

I submit to you today, that one of the things that keeps us from moving toward destiny are the haunting memories of our past. No matter what it is… you have to remember to forget. Like my experience in the car, I will not tell you that the memories won’t surface. But when we identify that they have risen to torment us and keep you from experiencing your life within the limits that God has set… we must immediately decide to forget the things that are behind and focus on what is ahead. Life is too short to simply exist. The future is only limited to our ability to properly handle our past. I remind you YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE.. YOU HAVE TO “MAKE IT COUNT.”

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